A Good Day to Bake Cookbook

A Good Day to Bake Cookbook

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"Whether you are an experimental baker or someone who likes to play it safe, you will find something to please you in this elegant book. Ebuehi's recipes always seem to work — no easy feat in a baking book." – Bee Wilson, The Times

A Good Day to Bake is full of 70 sweet and savory baking recipes for any day of the week, led by flavor. Going through the ritual of bringing out the measuring scales, pouring out flour, whipping up the eggs, stirring the batter and impatiently slicing up warm cake is a beautiful thing that deserves to be enjoyed all year round no matter the day, season or occasion.  This is a cookbook that embraces simplicity, mindfulness and the therapeutic comforts of baking. The Great British Baking Show's 2016 contestant Benjamina writes so warmly about cakes and her recipes speak to a natural, seasonal and down-to-earth way of baking. Chapters include Herbs & Tea, Stone Fruit & Berries, Vegetables, Best of Beige, Spice Cupboard, and Chocolate.  Because every day is a good day to bake.

- Hardcover
- 192 Pages
- By Benjamina Ebuehi